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DIVIDE was first started in the beginning of 2010 and the name “DIVIDE” was derived from the concept of God and Human and with other Human Being. The Gap between the rich and the poor, racism, and all things that inspire them in writing songs and lyrics. From there on, they began to create steps to reach their dreams of sending their music to the world.

Within less than 1 year they have managed to release their first mini-album called “Commas In Period” which was released on the net on 25/12/2010 and has 6 fascinating yet unique tracks. Two of their hit singles from the album are “Come Here, We’re Going Down” & “The 4th”.

DIVIDE have spread their wings by playing on many gigs in Jakarta and its surroundings on their first year. In their second year they can finally managed to have a show outside Indonesia that are in Perth Australia (January 2011) & Singapore (June 2011) as the opening of American Hardcore band, Emmure.

In September 2011 DIVIDE flew back to Perth Australia to play some shows again with In League.

DIVIDE just finished the Youngbloods Tour 2011 with Monsters In Living Flesh (Singapore), Sky On Eye & Dying Last Fashion through some big cities in Indonesia and currently preparing to fly to Singapore to records their first full-album with the famous Singaporean producer Roland Lim (Make Them Suffer, Arturo Chaos, Monsters In Living Flesh, For Better Endings) and they will begin the recording at the end of the year. Once the recording is done, they will head out again on a tour to support the release of their full-album in 2012.

They went on tour with In League (Australia) in Macbeth Indonesian tour 2012, And released their first full length album entitled “The Sun, The Moon, And The Truth” on july 2012. Their single “The Truth : Watchers” is now available on youtube and their Soundcloud Account.

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